Professional Drivers Culture Programme 2017. Having achieved excellent results in 2016 the Professional Driver Culture programme is growing in demand and this year there are over 380 Professional Drivers signed up to for 2017’s programme. Instead of just twelve weeks the programme has an enhanced format and will continue for the whole of 2017.

Aims of the programme are the same;

  • Promote Road Safety
  • Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Reduce the Risk of Accidents
  • Promote a Cleaner Healthier Environment
  • Reduce the Risk of Penalty Points and Fines

What’s New in 2017

A. Drivers who stay within the Professional Driving Parameters may be eligible for free gifts.

B. Drivers are entered into National Professional Driver competition.

C. Bi Monthly Competition Newsletter.


When Does it start?

You will receive your first report on the 9 th of January and one report every fortnight for until

June 9 th . The on a monthly basis until November.


How long will the programme run for?

This year’s programme will run until December 2017. An awards evening will take place in December 2017.


Who is sponsoring the programme and why?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Charged with reducing our carbon foot print to offset the 6 billion fine that the Irish tax payer will have to pay to the EU in 2020 for generating excessive carbon emissions, the SEAI believe that the Professional Driver will play a very significant role in reducing these harmful emissions. Corcra are involved because they want their technology to be at the forefront of road transport safety monitoring systems.

Gencat Limited because like all professional roles they believe that Professional Drivers need to be supported in developing, refining and maintaining their multiple skill sets to ensure their safety and the safety of other workers and all road users.