Driver CPC is a real opportunity to provide drivers with quality training. Because drivers have to attend training every year the smart transport managers are using the seven hours of compulsory training to focus their drivers on the issues that affect the smooth running of their actual business. Rather than bemoan the fact that training has to be completed the proactive manager is embracing the opportunity.

So drivers have to cover the content of the material set out by the RSA in each of the individual modules. Well its time you had another look at that content and looked at the scope that the RSA provide trainers with under the training delivery.

At Gencat we have taken a proactive approach to Driver CPC training, we know what the aims of the training are and we deliver the training in a way that meets those needs but in a way that expressly focuses on the role of the driver within the specific transport discipline that he operates in. Multi drop drivers have their own set of issues to contend with compared to bulk haulage drivers. Tipper drivers have a different set of issues compared to fridge drivers.

The RSA see the common ground between the different driver skill sets and they focus the material on the common ground. However, road transport is a very complex industry and the drivers in this industry have a wide range of demands on placed upon them.

Gencat trainers cover the basics while addressing the actual issues of concern among the specific driver type. If drivers engage with training their performance will be enhanced, this will mean less stress on all involved in the transport team.

At Gencat we ensure in the first instance that our trainers are very experienced drivers in the work that your drivers undertake. We also provide additional material at training that focuses the attention of the drivers on the issues that matter to you. While we do cover the RSA requirements we put that bit extra into the preparation of the class that makes a significant difference to learning outcomes. Our trainers always receive extremely high driver feedback.

Don’t waste this opportunity of focusing Driver CPC training on the actual needs of your business. Training is one investment that delivers dividends. Gencat training is for serious transport operators. We run our training in the West County Hotel in Chapelizod Dublin 20.

If you would like to hear how Gencat can assist you in meeting the demands on your drivers call us on 01 8600 444 or 0872631440 or email