From our experience the key components required to creating a Driving force capable of delivering a safe, efficient and effective road transport operation are;

At Gencat we understand the role of the Professional Driver, we understand the raft of regulations and rules that govern and control the Driver, we understand how to train and assist the Driver to be compliant.

The role of today’s Professional Driver is a complex one. It carries with it a high level of responsibility for personal health, personal safety, the safety of colleagues, the safety of all road users, the protection of the environment and the protection and promotion of their Employer’s business.

Consistent Credible Feedback
Credible feedback in a consistently timely manner is key to achieving positive, attainable and maintainable change. We never bite off more than we can chew. At Gencat we believe that a lesser amount of information with credible feedback is better than a large amount of information with a single discreditable element. The failure of many telematics based programmes is based on this knowledge.

Don’t we all love them! But they are fraught with problems if they are not designed with a clear understanding of the business and the required outcomes. At Gencat we design incentive programmes are designed to work for all the relevant parties.

If you have a telematics system in place, Gencat can enhance it by introducing our proven Professional Driving Culture Programme. The Programme does not require in cab driver tuition for Professional Drivers, we just give them our understanding, our respect and consistent credible feedback.

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