Gencat’s driver supports program wins out for professional drivers

Gencat have been appointed sole driver agency to Keelings. This is a testament to the commitment of our driver support staff and to our dedicated team of professional drivers. Key to the growth of our driver agency service is our teams understanding of the role of today professional driver. Clients require drivers that can perform tasks with minimal supervision and perform their role in a safe, efficient and economical way.

Gencat provide a range of support services for our drivers. Due to the nature of the role drivers can find themselves needing support at any time of their shift. And when they need support, they need it instantly, every minute counts in a driver’s shift. At 3am a driver may want to get the OK on a decision in relation to a delivery or collection or simply get a gate access code, someone needs to be at the end of a phone to support the driver.

Training and coaching are key requirements for any professional driver. To maintain a high standard of professionalism Gencat drivers receive training in all aspects of their roles. It is this commitment to supporting drivers that places the Gencat driver as a preferred choice.

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