Two recruits have been approved to take part in the Gencat Driver Academy, this is a partnership between the Dublin & Dun Laoghaire Educational & Training Board. The two recruits will undergo an extensive professional driver training programme. The training will be over a twenty six week period where the candidates will complete a driving course in Class C licence and gain experience in driving and working as a professional driver. Gencat have invested in providing this course on a trial basis. Well trained experienced HGV drivers are difficult to get. Gencat understand that the role of the modern day professional driver is a more complex one than the role was not if fifteen years ago. Drivers are expected to be competent in a host of areas such as driver’s hours and vehicle regulations, communication devices, customer service, advanced vehicle safety devices to name a few. To get an actual understanding of these Gencat believe that the driver needs to experience first-hand how they work in the real world.  The course is designed to allow the trainee to gain this first hand experience under the guidance of professional experienced drivers. We will keep you posted on how our two recruits get on.          

Gencat are going to start a shorter programme for two Artic drivers in September. One of the places has already been booked by one of our C licenced drivers. If you would like to avail of the other email The academy is open to all who want to take up the role of being a professional driver, while places are currently limited we would hope that the success of the academy will allow us to open up additional places for drivers in the coming months.