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The importance of the Walk Around Check can not be understated. Many don’t know but drivers are legally obliged to conduct a walk around check of your vehicle. There are a significant number of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and bodywork components contained within a HGV. As well as the securing, security and management of the vehicle load its self, you as a professional driver have a responsibility to ensure that you, your vehicle and its load are safe on the road at all times. Professional Drivers are all too aware that the Walk Around Check is not just a once in a day activity but is an ongoing process all through your shift. As with any complex piece of equipment, HGV’s can suffer component failure. This can be as a result of component fatigue or restraining failure. However the results can be very serious if the driver does not know the signs or sounds of potential problems. This course will cover all of the issues that a professional driver should be aware of and test the knowledge of the professional driver in understanding the walk around check.